Glass Balcony System’s

Vera Glass Folding Glass Balcony Systems Comes With 5 Years Warranty …

Systems that offer aesthetic and comfort together in places such as residence, summer, villa, workplace are folding glass balcony applications. The folding ability of the windows to the same spot ensures that the balconies are used freely and voluminously.

4 Foldable glass balconies that create seasonal spaces add a distinctive touch to your homes. Balconies and applied areas of wind, dust, snow and rain and so on. To be protected from external factors in adverse weather conditions. Easy cleaning and easy maintenance make it a distinct advantage.



Advantages of Glass Balcony​

The balcony structure is protected and fully opened.
Adjusts the energy balance to prevent heat loss
Noise and rain protection
Protection for furnishings and plants
Thief removal
High-quality components and appearance
Robust parts that do not require quality maintenance
High safety with integrated two-point locking system
Easy to use and clean
Special heat-hardened tested tempered glass 



Restaurants and Shops
Terrace covered,
Room partitioning,
Winter Gardens

Glass Balcony Fittings

The upper and horizontal maintenance-free worker is equipped with two cylinders
The assemblies are run with three smooth running needle rollers and two carbon fiber reinforced polyamide rollers
Stainless steel metal parts
Low noise, low wear, heat and cold resistant surfaces
45 ° Buildings at any angle between 90 ° and 180 °
Sealing and ventilation
Approximatively 1-3 mm gap between panes
PVC gap seal (optional)
Brush roving seals are mounted on the inside top and bottom and on the outside horizontally
The upper and lower brush seals are connected to the non-panel subassembly


Unpressurized drainage with sloped floor construction
Lower part interior Integrated water drainage duct
Lower parts lateral sealing caps

Profile System

All frameless glass slide and return system
Load resistance: 3900 Pa (ESG-H, 10 mm).
Airborne sound insulation Rw = 22 dB according to DIN EN ISO 140-3
Airborne sound insulation Rw = 34 dB with gap seal according to DIN EN ISO 140-3
Flush or worn bottom part Option
The recessed bottom part is particularly suitable for use in “unobstructed dwellings” in the direction of DIN 18 025
Panels can be stacked open internally or externally
Opening panels by sliding to one side or both sides
No profile or lateral vertical frame is preferred.
Elevation variations can be compensated by the compensation profile at high altitude


All the pieces are hidden in the profiles
Low maintenance, corrosion and failsafe parts
Outside and / or possible locking and unlocking
Turning on or off with the locking and pulling rod
With optional lock (“child protected”)
Next replacement of panels without any difficulty