Warranty: 3 years  Factory supplies: 30 days

Walker Glass – Automatic  Vertical Systems

WALKER GLASS – guillotine glazing system, it also called for parapet glazing system has no analogues in the world for automatic and manual vertical glazing. The system consists of aluminum profiles, but the main part of the window. Parapet glazing system is practical not only for entrance, where free passage is necessary, as is practical where you want the window glazing, including can serve as the railings and fences. This system can act as a cold system where you want to place from the wind, just a warm system that will protect you from severe frosts. The ability to effect a moving vertical “screen” gives a great Avantage this system, in addition to its capacity premises glazing. As in mechanical, as in automatic series enjoys Italian Triger-belts and stainless steel bearings. Engines, providing the course of the automatic systems come with 3 well-known global brands.

As the mechanical system, and an automatic system, which is controlled by a remote control, you can stop in any position. This system is what is practical? In this system set the wind sensor and rain. When rain and wind, even when you are not home or wherever installed parapet glazing system, thanks to these sensors, the system automatically closes the entire contour glazing. That is, you can be sure that your veranda, outdoor cafe, the house will be protected from the external environment influences. Automatic parapet glazing for peaceful enjoyment of children, old people and people with disabilities.

The system is very convenient for the glazing of balconies and terraces. The system fits well and is very practical for winter gardens 
Conveniently that is remotely controlled Due to the lower stationary part in some subsystems convenient as the parapet or fencing
Through the glass is fully preserved review
The system both automatic and manual (manual)
The possibility of using wind and rain sensors
Ability to install motion sensors (ie, set in motion sensor for automatic closing of the castle at when you are not at home and you would like to ventilate the room in your absence)

Another option: the glazing of balconies of this system, we set the motion sensor inside the touch for children. In case of children on a balcony or loggia, the system automatically closes the opening glazing disabled system is suitable for older people and people Complete protection against wind and rain with a lifting strap system can operate up to 3500 mm opening height. If you want to glaze opening over 3,500 mm, while not lifting belt uses for this system, and the rail system.
The aluminum profile system is painted powder paint in any color from catalogs, and it gives you the opportunity to apply this system as your exterior and interior
The system is adapted as a single glass and glazing for warm version with argon filling
Glass or glazing can be darkened
Methods for opening and closing:
Fixed button arranged
Using the control panel (the most used)
Automatically – if you have installed rain gauges, wind and motion sensors
Guillotine window glazing system
Guillotine (parapet) glass door system
Guillotine (parapet) system made of glass enclosures
Cold and warm glazing system
The possibility of a large selection of colors for profiles
Good noise and heat insulation
Complete rain and wind protection
Complete overview thanks to the elegant profile and large glass area
The panoramic glazing out of competition
Designated glazing:
Conservatories, Verandas, Pergolnye system, terraces, shop windows, pools, balconies, window frames, partitions and so on. D.
Engines for the system supplied 3-myaizvestnymi global suppliers: Mosel (Germany), Becker (Germany) and Somfy (France).
All of these engines run smoothly, 220V AC and 380V AC, 50/60 Hz and 24 V DC.
Aluminium Profile thickness of 3-4 mm, depending on the system
6 mm tempered glass
5 mm + 5 mm (10 mm) tempered triplex
6 mm Coll. + 9 + mm spacer 6mm Coll. (21 mm glazing, energy-saving windows)
6 mm Coll. + 16 mm + spacer 6mm Coll. (28 mm glazing, energy-saving windows)
8 mm laminated glass (4mm + 4mm) Coll. + 16 mm spacer + 8 mm laminated glass (4mm + 4mm) Coll. (32 mm glazing)
6 mm Coll. + 9 + mm spacer 6mm Coll. + 9 + mm spacer 6mm Coll. (36 mm glazing)
Bullet-proof glass, anti-vandal glass, etc.