Pergola Tenth System

Pergola  opening system to create automatically opening and closing the premises with integrated lighting.  For the production of automatic systems used Pergola materials depending on the weather conditions a particular locality. This multifunctional system is used as a system for shading and protection from the rain, the hail, the cold wind. In the production systems used Pergola blackout fabric that is resistant to the effects of any complex external environment, even abnormal heat and heavy rains. This system is integrated led light. The most popular system in its class solar shading systems, shading systems, systems automatically opening and closing Pergola designs. The system is made uniquely with integrated drainage system. All profiles have a European quality powder coating for Ral catalog.

Designated use:
Terraces, cafes and restaurants, gardens and courtyards, pools, Winter gardens and areas for smoking.
Blackout nonflammable  fabric, which does not transmit heat, rain and hail
Aluminum and steel supporting structure
Powder coating for Ral catalog
Stainless steel fasteners, connectors and hardware

Built-in drainage system
The system is mounted on the front of the pergola. Protective visor – mounted on the back of the pergola on the engines in order to protect from moisture, water, etc.

Optionally the system can Pergola osteklyat on the perimeter.
5 years warranty  25 days Production time


Pergola Features automated system

Basic structure:
The system is made entirely of aluminum and steel profiles.
All fasteners and stainless steel connectors.
Blockout  fabric: the German brand «Mehler Polymar», or the Spanish brand «İspanyol Loncar marka» Block-Out (opaque) and fire.
Color preference profile systems. Used world-renowned color Ral catalog.

The most popular color of PVC fabric:  White, cream, gray, red, black, green.
Opening and closing the blockout is produced with the help of world-renowned French manufacturer of engines «Somfy Motor Marka”
The course profiles of blockou on rails provides a reliable abrasion belts German manufacturer
Rails, as well as racks and outfalls, aluminum 4 mm thick, and fasteners and connectors of galvanized steel and stainless steel INOX
Blockout made of  800 g / m2, three-layer, black out (opaque), fire and waterproof.

All the engines for the brand VeraForza Pergola systems are French and German manufacturers and provide a guarantee of 5 years of trouble-free operation.

Features PergoLa Tent VeraForza grade system:
Pergola brand VeraForza , this system is adapted to the rails, which opens and closes with one easy movement.
Pergola brand Vera Forza- an aluminum system, which is built in a hidden system of drainage pathways.
The system is adapted for year-round operation, regardless of seasons.
The system can be shut down on the perimeter, at the same time with the roof closed system is transformed into a winter garden.
Due to the slanting roof and hidden drainage pathways, which are located on the front of the bar, and the system of drop-catcher in the rain or when rain showers the water is completely channeled into the street
Sliding fabric is made of PVC, 800 g / m2, three-layer, black out (opaque), fire and waterproof. -Standard Color PVC fabric white, cream and gray.

Other accessories:
Drop-Catcher-is an accessory that provides protection from water leaks left and right pergolas.
Vodokanals-to ensure proper drainage of the entire system. The system is mounted on the front of the pergola.
Protective visor mounted on the back of the pergola on the engines in order to protect from moisture, water, etc.

Galvanirovannny metal
Our Pergola structures, galvanized metal is used where great weight and wind loads in those designs where lower-pillar, for one reason or another. Painted with electrostatic powder painted profiles and guides are optional galvanic electrolysis. This process increases at times anti-corrosion metal capacity. Drainage profiles are corrosion treatment on all sides by the profile, since the possibility of corrosion is very high, and all fasteners are screwed to these profiles at the plant under the control of groups that monitor the quality of products.