warranty: 5 years, the factory supplies: 30 days

  • Pergola with glass sliding roof system

  • Protects from harmful rays ultrafialetovyh, reducing their harmfulness to 60%. Pergolnyh feature of such systems that glass, from which it is moving part of the roof, self-cleaning, ie, when the rain falls, snow, etc., glass cleared, thanks to its special composition. You can walk on a roof, clean the snow, etc. Glass may be not only transparent but tinted. To warm the system provided structures pergolnyh multifunctional glazing thickness up to 32 mm.Eschё this system is called the alternative system of winter gardens.

  • Preferred installation location:
    The courtyards, gardens, recreational facilities
    Restaurants, cafes, roofs
    Pools, Winter Gardens, Designated Smoking Area

  • Materials: Glass the roof of the single-tempered safety glass and 10 mm thick, or multi-glazed with thickness up to 32 mm.

  • Aluminum profiles 4 mm thick, metal studs, with drainage systems.

  • Any  Color powder painting in the catalog RAL.

  • Stainless Details of fasteners, connectors and hardware.

  • With LED -osvescheniem.

  • Motors SOMFY any power, regardless of size.